Green. Easy to operate. Extremely robust.

Green laser beams are four times as visible to the human eye as red beams with the same power. For this reason, the Nedo TUBUS 2 Pipe Laser is fitted as standard with a green laser diode that is optionally available with laser class 2 or 3R.

The green laser dot of the TUBUS 2 is easy to see on the height-adjustable target board, even in unfavourable light conditions. This high visibility means that jobs can be completed much faster.

The compact design of the TUBUS 2 Pipe Laser enables it to be used in narrow pipes with diameters of 125 mm and more and in tight pipe bends. Insertion into small-diameter pipes is simplified by the innovative pipe slider, a rugged metal cylinder on the underside of the laser.

Atom Lasers stock and sell the Nedo TUBUS 2 Pipe Laser. This pipe laser is extremely robust and very compact making it ideal for professionals.

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