Kommando Digpilot – Excavator Guidance

Kommando Digpilot – Excavator Guidance


Digpilot 3D introduces a further advancement in excavator guidance, allowing real time visual guidance of where your machine is on your site and your cut/fill levels in relation to complex designs.

Digpilot 3D gives you complete control over the site; You can switch between layers in the job data, view your site from multiple angles and distances and a host of other functions that allow you to get the job done faster, safer and more accurate than ever before.

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Digpilot 3D


Digpilot 2D Excavator Guidance Systems can be used extensively for a wide variety of Jobs such as level, single or dual slopes, trenches, profiles and layering.

The system can be used with or without a rotating laser, depending on the accuracy required and the nature of the work being performed.

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Kommando Digpilot 2D

About Kommando

Brilliance in technology: Excellence in service
Kommando’s mission is to offer you industry leading technology and back that up with industry leading service. This is not just an empty sales pitch; these things are what separate Kommando from the rest. With decades of hands-on experience in the earthmoving industry, we understand the importance of working closely with each of our valued clients. Our service capability is never stretched; our philosophy is ‘service before sale’.

We go to any length to ensure our clients service needs are met every hour of every day. The good news is that the state of the art Kommando technology is more reliable and therefore requires less servicing.

Why Choose Digpilot?


Because the sensors are not hard wired, the Digpilot system can be configured for use on up to 20 different machines. No more cable or connector issues to stop you working.

Digpilot sensor


Digpilot has the easiest menu structure of any machine control system in the world. With the easy guide menus and intuitive touch screen, Digpilot is very easy for the operator to become familiar with.

There are also many different screen display options to suit the operator.

Digpilot touch screen