GPS Machine Guidance and Laser Control Technologies

For the earthmoving industry

Kommando Digpilot

If you run Excavators in your fleet no matter what size the Kommando Digpilot is bound to have a system that will make even the most complex jobs a breeze. With its Wireless Sensors these systems are leading the market in technology and reliability. These productive systems are used in many applications including:

  • Site Cuts and Pipe Laying
  • Large and Small Civil projects
  • Highway/Rail Projects
  • Batters/drains

This system provides real-time information to the operator all the time. Contact Atom Lasers today on 1800 60 88 50 to discuss how the Kommando Digpilot system can help.

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Digpilot 2D
Digpilot 3D

The Kommando GPS Dozer system is a tool that has fast become a necessity for productivity. Its many applications include:

  • Highway/Rail projects
  • Batter work and Subdivisions
  • Highway/Rail Projects
  • Dam building
  • Drainage and irrigation projects

This proven system is easy to use and navigate while providing the operator with all that he needs to get the job done right the first time. Contact Atom Lasers today on 1800 60 88 50 to discuss how the Kommando GPS Dozer system can help.

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Level Best

The Level Best Laser Grading attachment is the first choice for any final grade that must meet mm accuracy. Its capabilities include:

  • Car parks
  • Concrete Preparation
  • Building pads
  • Playing fields

As well as many more bulky trim and fine grading jobs which are becoming part of everyday earth-moving. Contact Atom Lasers today on 1800 60 88 50 to discuss how the Level Best system can help.

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Atom Lasers - Laser Systems

Laser systems can be retro fitted to many different machines to maintain level and grade in bulk and trim. We can customise our systems to suit your requirements:

  • Pad levelling
  • Sports surfaces
  • Drainage
  • Concrete finishing
  • Agricultural irrigation/drainage
  • Automatic valve control or Manual Indicate

Talk to us about your application today and get ready to level the opposition. Contact Atom Lasers today on 1800 60 88 50 to discuss how the Laser System can help.

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